Anguilla Taxi Rates 2021

The Anguilla Taxi Service is Both Friendly and Convenient

Please Note: While in the safety of a 14-day quarantine – referred to as “In Bubble” – the government has allowed closely controlled activities, excursions to paradise islands, some restaurants, golf, and so much more to enhance guest visits.

Advance reservations coordinated with Anguilla Villa Company are required, and transportation from an approved operator only will be provided.

Because there is no public bus system on Anguilla, tourists who don’t want to rent a car often decide to use the Anguilla taxi services to and from the airport, ferry, restaurants, and beaches.

While taxis are plentiful on Anguilla, there are no designated taxi stands except at the Blowing Point Ferry Terminal or the Anguilla airport. Most likely, you will need to call ahead to the taxi service and ask them meet you at a designated location. Most restaurants will be happy to make these arrangements for you. Other popular spots to find taxi cabs waiting for passengers are hotels, restaurants, and local attractions.

A typical fare for two persons with two pieces of luggage from the Blowing Point Ferry to Twin Palms is approximately $18; and a fare from the airport to Twin Palms is approximately $26. Other charges may include $5 for each additional passenger, $1 for each additional piece of baggage, and $4 for trips after 6pm.

Two of Anguilla’s most highly rated taxi services are Frank’s Anguilla Taxi Service (+1-264-497-4238) and Wendell Connor’s Taxi Service (+1-264-497-6894).

If you have not rented a car and will be using a taxi, it is important to know what the rates are. See the 2020 Anguilla taxi service rate chart below.

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