Our Story

The Mead Family of Meads Bay Beach

“Although some might think that building two villas while living in the US might be a daunting task, it was a wonderful process.

Renowned architect and Temenos designer, Iain Smith, carefully listened to our vision of a unique layout for the two villas that would allow each villa privacy if rented separately but proximity if rented together. Iain led us through the creative design and planning of these adjacent villas enclosed by a walled lush garden all within a quick stroll to our beloved Meads Bay Beach.

Each of our family members had special requests that were woven into the design plans… private, outdoor showers, rooftop patios, separated bedrooms for quiet afternoon naps, and child-proof pool fences to name a few.

Next, Leonard and his team enthusiastically and precisely constructed our homes and made these dreams a reality.

To celebrate the joy of completion, this wonderful team joined us for a festive dinner catered by B&D BBQ before we opened our villa doors to guests.

We are very proud of our team which has been with us almost from the beginning. Our housekeepers, Violet and Sharon, have years of experience caring for villas and the needs of our guests. Our head gardener, Leo is a master at nurturing our lush gardens that include a path to the beach. He has even transplanted several palms from his and his grandmother’s homes. Leo also cares for our umbrellas and chaise lounges at the beach which are accessible by an easement beside Carimar. Catherine Orchard manages the villas with the enthusiastic assistance of her team and together they provide a multitude of island services for our guests.

To our delight, the popular Straw Hat restaurant moved to Meads Beach. Then Blanchards famed restaurant opened the neighboring Beach Shack (the best value family restaurant on Anguilla) specializing in lunch, families and sunset drinks. The fabulous Jacala Restaurant is right down the beach as well.

The location just gets better and better. It really is home.” The Mead Family of Meads Bay

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Meads Bay Beach