Fitness and Yoga on Anguilla

Fitness and Yoga on Anguilla is Healthy Fun

While in the safety of a 14-day quarantine – referred to as “In Bubble” – the government has allowed closely controlled activities, excursions to paradise islands, some restaurants, golf, and so much more to enhance guest visits. Advance reservations coordinated with Anguilla Villa Company are required, and transportation from an approved operator only will be provided.

Not so long ago, vacations were only thought of as an opportunity to indulge in alcohol and food, with a lot of lounge chair action in-between. Times have changed, and now there’s a significant number of travelers whose goal is to eat healthy and maintain their exercise routines while on vacation. Caribbean resorts have picked up on the trend and travelers have a selection of properties that create a perfect backdrop for keeping fit ~ and Twin Palms Villas is one of them.

For these serious fitness fanatics, Malliouhana Hotel has offered guests of Twin Palms Villas temporary memberships to their state-of-the-art fitness facility for a small fee.

“Tune up your physique in our well-equipped fitness center that offers the latest technologies in cardio, strength training, and spinning. Take one of our resort bicycles for a ride, or go for a run on our almost mile-long white sand beach. Innovative fitness classes use the ocean as a training companion with paddle board yoga and sea-based aqua classes. Personal trainers are available to help you along your fitness journey.”

Twin Palms Villas Concierge will gladly arrange for your temporary membership at Malliouhana Hotel fitness center so that there is no chance that you will gain that “vacation ten”.

Fitness and Yoga on Anguilla