Horseback Riding on Anguilla

Horseback Riding on Anguilla is a Refreshing Experience

While in the safety of a 14-day quarantine – referred to as “In Bubble” – the government has allowed closely controlled activities, excursions to paradise islands, some restaurants, golf, and so much more to enhance guest visits. Advance reservations coordinated with Anguilla Villa Company are required, and transportation from an approved operator only will be provided.

“Have you ever dreamed of riding a beautiful horse along a deserted beach? Or swimming on horseback in the warm Caribbean Sea? At Seaside Stables you can experience horseback riding island style. Join them for an idyllic riding experience.

Whether you just want to blaze a bush trail or simply splash along the sea shore you can enjoy a horse ride at any time of day from the early morning to sunset or even during the full moon. Most of the rides are along Cove Bay, an untouched, natural beach located on the southern coastline on the island where there almost always a pleasant easterly breeze blowing.”

Seaside Stables is home to just 9 extremely gentle horses. Some of them are Caribbean bred Paso Fino type horse which have an amazingly smooth gait. We also have a couple of off the track thoroughbred ex-racehorses, a Criollo, and the latest member of the herd is a Kentucky bred american quarter horse.

All of our horses are selected for their wonderful personalities and easy going nature which makes them a pleasure to ride. They are trained by us and are all well mannered, responsive, and forward going with a calm and kind temperament.

If you have never been on a horse before or have ridden all your life, we have the perfect horse for you.” (from Seaside Stables website).

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Twin Palms Villas Concierge will gladly make your horseback riding reservations for you.